Fully Managed Cloud VPS Servers in the UK

Powerful VPS cloud servers powered by AMD EPYC Fully scalable at any time. Grow your business with safety and confidence.
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Instent deployment on multiple locations.
Designed to be fully scalable, our VPS solutions grow with your business to support your success.


Number of CPU Cores Dedicated

1 vCPU




2 GB



SSD Disk Space

40 GB





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    Reboot / Os Reinstall

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    Weekly Backup

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    KVM Virtualization

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Discover the VPS with the Hostarts difference

With on-premises setup, rock-solid security, and blazing speed, your Hostarts Cloud VPS server will be the foundation for your online growth.

Bandwidth 10GBps

Unlimited and optimal powerful bandwidth at no additional cost.

Free Weekly Backup

Keep your data secure and your site online. Hostarts automatically performs weekly backups for added security.

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets

Get a Free included dedicated IPv4 address with each VPS. Need more? You can buy up to 10 in total.

Windows Server

Hostarts VPS are 100% compatible with Windows Server and Windows10 in RDP mode.

Complete Flexibility

Deploy AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian with just a few clicks.

The Best Hardware

You get the fastest and easiest cloud solution powered by our own Hostarts infrastructure.

Real Time protection

Keep malicious attacks at bay with our fully automated DDoS protection.

Blazing Fast

Optimize your search engine performance with super-fast all-SSD flash storage.

Satisfied or refunded

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unparalleled speed

At Hostarts nothing is more important than the daily performance of your websites and applications. So we configured our Cloud VPS servers with 100% NVMe Flash drives, and built a network that guarantees fast connection times and minimal latency from your location. At the heart of this cloud infrastructure redundancy is always ensured. Our mission is to ensure that your sites and applications load faster than ever, even more so when your visitors and users access them directly from your location.

  • High Speed SSD

    There's not a single spinning disc in sight here! Our Cloud VPS offer uses a fully flash-based distributed storage architecture. This provides seamless scalability and triple copy redundancy as standard!

  • Enterprise Hardware

    We invest in the best hardware for our VPS hypervisors and currently use AMD EPYC or Ryzen processors with speeds up to 4.5 Ghz.

  • Bandwidth

    We've connected our data centers to multiple transit providers to provide multiple routes to and from your VM. The hypervisors themselves are connected with 10Gbps ports, providing a true corporate network environment.

A Reliable, Resilient and Unique VPS Cloud Platform

Our VPS Cloud offer is unique. We manage our own Clouds directly. We've built in redundancy in as many areas as we physically could and whether it's disk failure, network failure, or power failure, we've planned our entire platform around keeping your service online. Our technical support team is available at all times 24x7 to intervene if necessary. We have also set up monitoring systems to company standards.

Our Cloud VPS platform is a unique dynamic cloud service, it is possible for you to deploy a VPS quickly. You can also upgrade to a higher plan at any time while keeping your service active with minimal disruption.

Seamless scalability and management of your infrastructure

Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the Hostarts Cloud VPS platform makes it easy to create a solution that meets your needs. Whether you want 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU core or maybe 10 of both, you can customize the specs to your liking. If you need to build a cluster or need a load balancer setup, we can help you with that too! Scale up, out or both; it's your choice.

  • root access

    Each VPS comes with full root access. Connect via SSH or via the VNC console from your Hostarts Cloud control panel.

  • Private Networking (Beta)

    If you wish to interconnect one or more of your VPS on a private network, we can organize it for you.

  • KVM Technology

    Our cloud uses KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology which offers total flexibility in the choice of operating system; deploy AlmaLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian and even Windows 10 or Windows Server in just a few clicks. All of our VPS cloud servers have the latest hardware virtualization features to complement KVM.

Cloud VPS hosting FAQs

Do I need a Hostarts VPS server?
Our Cloud VPS service is a virtual private server (VPS) environment under KVM virtualization and as such requires a certain level of technical ability to manage. This could be you, your business, a third-party IT company, or us through our server management offering. If you're just looking for shared web hosting to get a site or two online, you'll probably be best served by one of our web hosting or reseller hosting plans as they come with everything the support and licenses you will need.
Where is my server located?
Hostarts is Legally present in the UK trading under Cloud Nord Limited, Our servers are located in several partner data centers in the Netherlands, Manchester and Germany, with 24/7 data center security, full CCTV, biometric access control, barbed wire perimeter fencing, N+1 power and cooling and backup generators. Our support team is made up of technically minded people with broad experience and are available via live chat, ticket and phone support.
Can I have a VPS server in my country?
Depending on the expansion of our Business, we choose countries where Datacenters are certified and can comply with our Web Hosting Standards bandwidth quality and Server requirements..
Can I increase my VPS offer at any time?
Certainly ! Hostarts Cloud VPS Service is powered by our own platform and our own servers in the form of clusters with large CPU & RAM. We have set up our cloud VPS service so machines can have their specs changed at any time with minimal disruption and great ease. If you have any questions on how you might obtain such an upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.
Are there any exclusions on your managed support offer?
Our Managed Service does not cover the application(s) running on your server except cPanel/WHM and any accompanying software or services. For example, we won't be able to help you use some apps not supported by us, but we can make sure the VPS is set up so it can run it properly.